Limit your shower times with ease!

The Shower Shortener is a patented device that will automatically reduce shower flow to a trickle after a pre-set period of time. Stop your children from wasting water (and costing you money) by preventing excessively long showers, and help speed up getting ready in the morning with shorter shower times.

3, 5 or 7 Minute Showers

The Shower Shortener will activate soon after you turn on your shower. You can choose either a 3,5 or 7 minute shower. If no choice is made, 3 minutes will be automatically selected. The countdown on the display will then show your remaining shower time.

What if it isn't enough time?

During the last minute of your shower, you will be able to select a once only, 60 second extension to your shower time. This way you will never get caught with a head full of shampoo.

The Shower Shortener after being installed with an alternate shower head

The Shower Shortener also supports other shower head options. Above is the Shower Shortener coupled to the Interbath Raindrop unit (available from Masters).